38 thoughts on “0411 – The Whole Story

  1. If only link coulds controlled himself. I think imprenated someone is fairly high on the “Don’t do while you’re in the past” list.

  2. Not with a predestination paradox, that means Link had to go back in the past and sleep around or the current history wouldn’t play as it did. Chrono was the long who made some woops moments in the time and space.

  3. The real question is would have Link slept with her if Chrono introduced him to her before they went back in time

  4. “But where Chrono got his Red Hair from?”

    It is one of two things: One, it was a random genetic mutation or more likely, Link’s unseen mother and father carried a trait for red hair in their genes.

  5. See, I think that making Link younger than Chrono makes for some confusion from the get go. Link has consistently been portrayed as the wiser, more mature, more experienced, and skilled warrior. Most people probably assumed-having forgotten the bios-that Link was older.

  6. Even with the color limitations, Link still has brown and yellow in his sprite already, so his hair could’ve been brown or yellow. Like it or not, Nintendo made his hair pink for no reason so far as I can tell.

  7. First, it’s only been one week without an update, and second, life got in the way. I’ve been negotiating with a potential employer and spending the holidays with family.

  8. I was just wondering, because when nothing happens for a week, you seem to disappear for like a month with you not telling us whats happening

  9. thats all i would like
    I dont mind waiting, just as long as i know why Im waiting for the next comic
    Thxs for the update

  10. Actually… Link’s hair is more of a strange orange/magenta (Aka brown) hybrid in Lttp.
    I fired up my SNES one day and noticed a too strange to be just be a different color setting on the TV color difference between the ripped sprites online and the sprites I was seeing on the SNES.
    Only Link’s hair was a noticibly different color.

    My current theory is the brown hair color was achieved through a really fast flicker emulators can’t process and one of the colors is the purple. The other color appears to be orange.

  11. Crazy time paradoxes and whatnot. By the way, have you thought of hosting Heroes Inc on DrunkDuck? I think the comic would get the recognition it deserves there 😀

  12. If I’m correct, DrunkDuck has quite a reputation among webcomic hosters, and I don’t think M. Lynch here would enjoy this rep.

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