Here’s some info on a few of the more interesting people in the Heroes Inc. world:

The Heroes:

Name: Mario Mario and Luigi Mario

Specialty: Jumping and Fireballs

As the most experienced members and founders of the team, Mario, along with his brother Luigi, are the leaders of Heroes Inc. These brothers have been working together for many years, previously in construction and plumbing, but more recently as retainers to the Mushroom Kingdom. Their experience in royalty search and rescue is unparalleled.

As of recently, Luigi has left Heroes Inc. to find his own path. Mario continues to lead the team, but is becoming more and more stressed keeping the team together.

Name: Chrono

Specialty: Katana

Despite being the least experienced member of the team, Chrono is a powerful swordsman. His style may seem amateurish at times but within his blade lies extraordinary potential. He saved his world from a great evil and will likely prove his worth once again in his new position.

In addition to his skills with a blade, he has shown himself to be quite the confident con-artist at times. Recently, he has become romantically involved with Samus. Only time will tell whether this will become a liability to the team….

Name: Donkey Kong

Specialty: Brute Force

The unstoppable force of Donkey Kong was well known by the Mario Brothers even before the formation of Heroes Inc. Once Mario’s enemy, DK is now the strong arm of the group and one of Mario’s closest friends.

Name: Kirby

Specialty: Mimicking Enemies

Kirby is an enigmatic character. Nobody knows his true age or his true origin; Some even question whether or not to say “him” as Kirby shows no signs of gender. What is known is this cute pink ball of fluff is a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Name: Mega Man

Specialty: Arm Cannon, Variable Weapons System

Megaman was created by Dr. Light as a lab assistant; Mega became a hero when Dr. Wily made his attempt at world domination with the help of the robot masters. Several attempts later, Mega Man has always defeated Dr. Wily with energy to spare. His urban flair and combat skills have earned Mega Man a place in Heroes Inc.

Name: Samus Aran

Specialty: Arm Cannon, Morph Ball

Known to the space pirates as “The Hunter”, Samus has been fighting her way through the galaxy since she was three. It was then that the federation colony on K-2L was destroyed leaving her as the only survivor. She was raised by the Chozo, from whom she received her iconic Power Suit. After a stint in the Galactic Military, Samus left to become a bounty hunter. Her most recent job: Heroes Inc.

Samus’ past with Locke has come back to haunt her now that Locke has joined the team… How will this affect her new found relationship with Chrono? Will it affect the team?

Name: Link

Specialty: Long Sword and Shield; Misc. Weaponry

Link is second only to the Mario Brothers in terms of pure skill. Link has long been a trusted knight in service of the Hylian royal family, ever since the first time he saved the princes… At the age of 10. He may be the youngest member of the team, but even at 17, Link is a battle hardened warrior. This jaded loner may not always be a team player, but his skill with a sword is one of the team’s greatest assets.

Link has shown himself to be more than capable as a warrior, but not much of a team player. His lone-wolf personality has caused conflicts with Mario… How will it affect the rest of the team?

Name: Robo-Peach

Specialty: Hand-to-hand combat

Robo-Peach is an android replicant of Princess Toadstool, built by Dr. Wily as a decoy to fool Mario and the Heroes. She has all of the Princess’ Memories, and the super-strength of Dr. Wily’s finest robots. After her programming was reconfigured by Dr. Light, she was brought in as a welcome addition to Heroes Inc. Her skills have proven useful to the team in battle, and hidden in her positronic brain may be clues to discovering the team’s enemies.

But what will come of Robo-Peach should she meet the real Princess?

Name: Bowser

Specialty: Brute Force, Flame Breath

Jacob “Bowser” Bowerstien is the leader of the Koopa Kingdom, and Mario’s long-time adversary. His affinity for Princess Toadstool is well known, having kidnapped her on multiple occasions. After a misunderstanding wherein he was blamed for the most recent kidnapping of the Princess, he was found to be innocent, and invited to assist in the greater mission to stop the enemy. Bowser was invited because he has the most experience kidnapping the Princess, and therefore is the most knowledgeable in the subject.

Name: Poo

Specialty: Hand-to-hand combat, Psi Power, Swords

Poo, Prince of Dalaam, is another member who joined the team under hostile circumstances. He was captured by the enemy and put under mind control with the help of a slave crown. Once out of the enemy’s control, he became a valued source of information regarding the relics sought after by the enemy.

His mastery of Psi power has also proven valuable to the team in battle.

Name: Locke Cole

Specialty: Thievery, Treasure Hunting

Locke was part a team of heroes who saved the world from Kefka several years ago. Since then, he’s gone into semi-retirement, occasionally hunting for treasure, but spending most of his time with his rock band, The Returners. However, he always stays up to date on happenings in the criminal underworld, and his varied contacts (as well as use of his tour bus) have earned him a place as an honorary member of Heroes Inc.

Locke has butted heads with Chrono a few times since they met. Locke once loved Samus and admits she’s the only girl that’s ever walked out on him. He likely would not react well if he found out about her relationship with Chrono.

Name: Strago

Specialty: Scamming, Information Gathering

Strago is another of the heroes who helped defeat Kefka, and an old friend of Locke’s. It’s well known that Locke and Strago worked together after defeating Kefka. Officially, they say it was purely treasure-hunting, despite many claims that they were behind more than a few large scale heists and scams. His last scam was operating The Church of Corey, a cult worshiping Corey Feldman. He was approached by Heroes Inc. to assist in information gathering and intelligence on their enemy, and is agreement was contingent only on assurances that he would be well paid.

Name: Dr. Thomas Light

Specialty: Robotics, Computer Science

Dr. Light is most famous as the builder of MegaMan, along with his many other contributions to robotics. While not an official member of Heroes Inc., he’s will occasionally help the team with problems related to robotics or computer science. Most recently, he re-configured Robo-Peach, removing her viability as an assassin for the enemy, and allowing her to join Heroes Inc.

He and Dr. Wily interacted with Chrono in Guardia in 1985 on a research trip. What might this mean for the history of robotics?

Name: Dr. Albert Wily

Specialty: Robotics, Computer Science

Dr. Wily is Dr. Light’s rival. After his contribution to the creation of several of Dr. Light’s most popular robots was ignored, his jealousy of Dr. Light drove him to reprogram the robots in order to take over the world.

His association with the enemy is not yet fully revealed, but it is known that he constructed Robo-Peach as a decoy and assassin.

Name: Magus

Specialty: Dark Magic, Sickle, Longsword

Magus was born in an ancient period of high magic, and transported to the middle ages where he summoned Lavos, an alien parasite with godlike destructive powers. His motivations originally seemed evil, but it was later revealed that he summoned Lavos with the intent to destroy it. He joined forces with Chrono in order to complete this task, but since then, his whereabouts have been a mystery.

It seems that now, he has joined the forces of evil, fighting against Heroes Inc. in their quest to find the pieces of the Hades Gate. But why has this former ally chosen now to become an enemy?

Name: Victor Damien

Specialty: Leadership, presumably strong magic

Victor was once the right hand of Kefka, creator of the slave crown, and the leader of the Cult of Kefka. After Kefka’s destruction, he disappeared, only to resurface as the leader of the enemy forces responsible for kidnapping three princesses. His intentions appear to be the resurrection of Kefka, but to what end? Word domination? Or world destruction?