13 thoughts on “0410 – Honored Guest

  1. I do smell a rat but I also sense honesty. This guy might not even be in control himself…Kefka was eliminated as the God of Magic. Even if he was vanquished, what prevents him from having influence on this fanatic of his from the afterlife? This man might not even be in the correct state of mind and just a puppet of the remaining influence Kefka has left.

  2. I agree with Spellca. What if Victor is just some random guys whos every move is being controlled by the God of Magic.

  3. he might not suspect he is being manipulated, he could believe that the princess is his guest, but has complete control of his mind. in other words, he could be good guy being mislead

  4. @ Spellca-

    Well there’s one way to put it, and now that I think about it, you could be right. If the next few comics mention some blackouts of his memory, your theory stands some better ground then.

    …But I still don’t really trust him, especially since he may not even be able to trust himself.


  5. Well, no harm can come to any of the princesses, or else they can’t ressurect kefka.

    I think this is his “Oh-I’m-not-really-a-badguy” angle, and he’s gonna try and make it look like the kidnappings (and eventual sacrifices) are just collateral damage, for lack of a better term.

    I think this is just a tasty dinner to keep them healthy until the time of resurrection occurs.

  6. Maybe…maybe not, Mr. Will. I just hope Rob has a unique and awesome way to pull this all out and surprise us. Seeing that since our theories are no longer based on “who-slept-with-who” in the past, the ball is in his court once again.

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