13 thoughts on “0412 – Christmas Party Super Special

  1. Well, best Christmas present I’ve gotten yet. This made me laugh.

    Merry Christmas Robert, and to the other readers Merry Christmas/Holiday of choice!

  2. I liked the peach part. The gift was christmas credit (meaning the gift she got was not having to give anything)

  3. Lol. Kirby definately needs pepto bismo. Too much inhaling of things.
    But what would an android need with a soap basket? And what did Mario, Bowser and DK get? Too many plotholes. (JK)

  4. Actually, that’s the real princess. This is behind the scenes of the comic, not the story. The characters from the games are portraying fictionalized versions of themselves in the comic.

    In reality, Princess Peach plays both herself and Robo-Peach. If they are ever to be seen together, I’ll use a bluescreen, and composite their performances together in post.

  5. Wow. It must’ve been hard to get them to do this. About how many coins did it cost you to hire the actors?

  6. Everyone loves an expanded universe, bravo Rob for adding another dimension to your comic’s own universe.

  7. That last shot is amazing what kind of tree is that? I love that shade of plupre. The bridal portraits look like they’re straight out of editorial magazines. Beautiful!

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