26 thoughts on “0405 – End Chapter 4

  1. I know I did. Time for some father and son bonding as the rest of the team shift through this highly awkward situation.

  2. …And thats why we should never, NEVER, get laid when traveling back in time.

    You could end being the father of the most undesirable person you know.

  3. this is why you send mario,chrono,and someone that isn’t even going to have sex with anyone in the past they should have just built a robotic lugi and just took that.

  4. Wait a sec…With all this talk about predestinational paradoxes, I’m thinking. Chrono said something along the lines of “Whatever happened right now has already happened, so there’s no way we can cause a paradox.” as he was talking to Mario about paradox prevention.

    If this is true, then wouldn’t link have been Chrono’s father this entire time?

  5. time happens at a certain place in the universe. as i have witten this, Earth has traveled thousands of light years because Earth, the solar system, and the Milky Way r moving. if u went back in time, u would end up in space. love the comic dont get me wrong. just stating the facts. link’s a dumbass. u shouldnt get laid in the past. futures fine, cause u cant cause a paradox before u did anything after u did something

  6. The way I see it, time travel in this series is modeled after Futurama. Too wit “And remember, don’t do anything that affects anything, unless it turns out you were supposed to, in which case, for the love of God, don’t not do it!” If you do somehow manage to do something you weren’t supposed to do this happens, resulting in the inevitable doom of the time paradox duplicate.

  7. Nathen…Link is not a dumbass since as Rob said it was a predestination paradox making every event taking place in the comic only happened that way because the group went back in time and Link fathered Chrono. If that didn’t occur not only would the Hades Gate still be in the treasury but we might as well have Ness on the Heroes Inc. roster.

  8. 请教一个文献中一句话的理解问题。有这么几句话“the mass outflow increased by a fatocr of 6 between two observations separated by 18 months”和“Other stars showed changes in MLR by a fatocr of 1.5 or less.”请问这其中的“a fatocr of X”该怎么理解?是不是表示新结果是在原有结果前面乘以x而得到?

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