13 thoughts on “0404 – Comic not found

  1. hopefully with a new chapter it’ll mean less time travel, my brains hurts from all these paradoxes lmao

  2. I hope we are done with time travelling for the time of being.
    How can you get Jet Lag while traveling through time?

  3. Never watched lost? Jet lag is your internal clock getting thrown off. Imagine what time travel would do to it.

  4. Is it just me or is this the first time we’ve seen Mega, DK, Poo etc. in like a year? With Operation Eternal Puma and all, I was afraid they were gone forever.

  5. It is either part of the paradox results that other pieces of treasure are missing or…someone else decided to pocket the money either in our group of heroes or otherwise.

  6. Check out Link in panel 4 remember how he gave Gina that cash for her dream house you can bet that was from the treasury, lol

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