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  1. @Hoshi:

    There were two identical Chronos for the brief time between when he wrote the note and when the duplicate left with the team back to the future. Then there was only one.

    Of course, nine months later there would have been two again, just one happens to be 18 years older than the other.

  2. So…there is our Chrono or Chrono A back in time but when the duplicate or Chrono B came to the future he became Chrono A…while another Chrono was born. Then…shouldn’t chrono have an unintended little brother that is actually a clone of himself…or did I miss something?

  3. Well that sucks for chrono.
    Is there any chance for him to find one of those time gates that can take chrono to its age?

  4. Nice to see we are on the same page, Viper. Rovay, why not share your idea on what will occur? It is a way for us to think before Chapter 5.

  5. Wait a sec. If there’s the duplicate Chrono, our Chrono, and the new born Chrono, after growing up for 18 years, does that make 3? Plus, two of them are in the present. The newborn one and the duplicate…right?
    Note to Self: Never Time Travel

  6. Well that was little more unexpected.

    And just for the record, when I mentioned the facepalm in the last comic, I wasn’t trying to say the comic was bad, or anything to that effect.

    I probably don’t need to mention that, but I feel that I worded it wrong and came off as a jerk.

  7. Actually, for those of you that think there are 3 Chronos now, the baby chrono has nothing to do with how many there are, because basically, the baby grows up as Chrono (prime) (1 Chrono), then causes the split later in life, forming Chrono A and B. It’s a vicious cycle.
    Also, if chrono thought it would cause the paradox, why didn’t he just change the note? He says “Oh shit” when he realizes they might leave him, NOT because he heard someone coming…

  8. Well Spellca, since you’re asking, here’s my theory:

    I believe that Chrono A will somehow become his own “adoptive father” and teach his younger self everything he knows, and thus turning Chrono into a man he is now. This theory came to me after sweeping through the archives and finding a page in which Chrono mentions his father to Samus (about the values he taught him before his death). And since Link is now Chrono’s father ( and these two didn’t meet before the founding of Heroes Inc.) and Caelus probably won’t live long enough to raise young Chrono up (just look at all this coughing…). So that leaves very few people to take care of Chrono, unless the older Chrono will do so.

  9. Chrono prime remembers Caelus as his father, so that means Caelus isn’t dead. It hasn’t been specified how old he was when his father died, only that he must have been younger than 17 or so (as he has no father in the game).

    Remember this is a game world; Caelus is just down to 1 HP. He’ll be fine after he has a few tonics or a night at an inn.

  10. And now an interesting time travel/paradox theory is shoot down by simple, yet unquestionable RPG world mechanics… Oh well… Can’t wait yo see how it all unravels then. 😀

  11. My personal belief is that the Chrono left behind becomes the person in the jail(In Chrono Trigger) that,when you talk to him,he collapses into a pile of bones.

    Random game remembrance,but possible

  12. I think Castor is this Chrono only a change name, He has Chrono’s palete, looks to be around 39 (which is this Chrono’s age in the present now) and the name CASTOR EVEN SOUNDS SIMILAR TO CHRONO. I think and I hope this Chrono is Castor…

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