12 thoughts on “0430 – Any landing you can walk away from…

  1. I don´t know what Rules Rufy is reffering to, but I think of things like this more in the way of:
    “Everything is air-droppable that you at least think to be able to Survive…”

    Yeah… doesn´t sound so cool… but is more likely to let the pilot Survive the drop. ^^

  2. Oh, and Robert by the way…

    I really appreciate the way you combine “Fundamental Reallity” Backgrounds with
    the “lusorius mundus Reallity” Sprites and Charakters.
    It looks nice. ^^

  3. The rules I’m talking about all come from the must-read (and sadly fictional) book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates”, right from Schlock Mercenary (a scifi webcomic with a lot of common sense and anti-matter epaulets grenades).

  4. @Rufy

    Thanks for the tip! ^^
    Up till now I “evaded” Schlock Mercenary
    (I read to much Webcomics… -.- )
    but I guess this makes it a must read again.

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