22 thoughts on “0429 – Intercept them.

  1. Yeah, something along the lines of Mr. Will…

    My Guess is, that Meta Knight is somehow the Security Head of Mushroom Kingdom and that the MK is CLOSED… or something.
    (Just me having strange thoughts again ^^ )

  2. Would Meta be a Heroes Inc. version of Benjamin from Lost sending a Toad “Ethan” to get used to and betray them from the insides?

  3. Meta Knight? META KNIGHT?!?

    I like metaknight… I hope he’s not a bad guy.

  4. Hey, I can recognize the blurry foreground sprites for once!! As Meta Knight mentioned adversaries, I think he’s on the good side. Or at least, the neutral side. I hope, at least.

  5. oh i get it he is a “thrid faction” or team
    with a common goal(save them and help them) or a totally different one as a neutal party, but the mk still doesn’t make sense.

  6. MK makes total sense, Nokareon pointed it out. MK meaning Meta Knight.

    Although, thinking about it now, why would they need to communicate “MK” to the ship, unless he was the one responsible? Hmm, this one could go either way…

  7. And to point the fact that they don’t know who mta knight is aside from kirby that doesn’t talk, only mario and setzer heard the morse code.

  8. Pretty sure by the sound of what MK said that he’s not bad. Neutral probably, or at least with common enemies. MK often played that role in the Kirby games too.

  9. I think the best bet really is a neutral third party. I feel like setting up a gambling pot for which way the storyline is gonna go after each comic.

  10. Meta Knight is not an “evil” character in any of the games. He always gives Kirby a sword to fight with and doesn’t really try to KILL Kirby. Also, when you knock off his mask in one of the games he actually looks like Kirby. I don’t think this would be his style.

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