0428 – All hands brace for impact!

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Link would say Mario is quite a gasbag…

Lesson of the day: The speed of sound is 340.29 meters per second, while the velocity of an 800 gram .50 BMG machine gun round is 882 meters per second. The M2 Browning machine gun has a maximum effective range of 1.8 kilometers. Therefore, at an optimal range of one kilometer, it would take only 1.13 seconds for a round fired from it to rip through your torso. Since it takes 2.94 seconds for the sound to reach you, it would take you 1.81 seconds of staring at the gaping hole on your chest to realize what happened.

In addition, if you were shot in the head, you would likely be dead before you had an opportunity to hear the sound of the gun.


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