0431 – Filler: IRL Spriting WIP

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I’m still working on it, planning to have a goomba on one side window, and a koopa troopa on the other.

This thing looks huge from the street; I’m leaving it up until I see it on Google street view.

EDIT: Clearing out filler from the archive, here’s how it looked when it was done:


20 thoughts on “0431 – Filler: IRL Spriting WIP

  1. You guys already said it in some way but…

    How did you even get that idea?

  2. I so hope you grant us with more Pictures of the progressing work.

    (I want that bigger as a Wallpaper ^^ )

  3. “until I see it on Google street view”? … You’re planning on taking it down eventually?


    You have to get that on the inside of a dual-layered window so it STAYS there even after you move, if you do.
    And then place a curse on the window so anyone who tries to remove it gets killed immediately.

  4. That is awesome.

    However, I don’t think Google Street View updates so frequently. It may be a few years before they come by again. Which is all well and good because, as Brenan says, this should not be taken down. It needs to become a neighborhood landmark.

  5. Wow, that must’ve been hard.
    Not something I could do.

  6. You just made my day, Sir. Now, it’s early, so something COULD theoretically come along to outdo you, but I doubt it. That’s pretty funny.

    However, as awesome as this is, it doesn’t beat Venus de Milsnow.

  7. Oh, genius idea… How about a “?” block on the upper half of the middle window so when I open the window, Mario jumps up to hit it? If I could wire up a coin to the bottom sliding window that would hide behind the block it’ll pop out when he does jump.

  8. “I don’t think Google Street View updates so frequently. It may be a few years before they come by again.”

    I think they just did my neighborhood a year ago or so. Looks like last summer, probably. And I’m in that frozen wasteland to the north of most of you guys. That country that’s just there… never saying much… but always watching… waiting quietly.

  9. I like it! Too bad you don’t have larger windows, you could make Mario defeating an old bridge bowser.

  10. Genius idea indeed, Rob.
    Just don’t go too crazy over trying to make it perfect. 🙂

  11. Should have used smaller post-it notes, that way you could have fit a full Mario in the window, as well as a lot more stuff, like the ground, pipes and blocks.

  12. Wow this is just amazing! I’m jealous of your talent! O: It’s pretty awesome. Did anyone notice it in the window and say anything about it yet? XD I know I would want to steal your window now.

  13. Hey!
    That’s some nice way to use Post-it notes.
    I wonder what people say when they see that.

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