0513 – Happy Birthday

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But the real question is where did the name originate in the first place?

So I’m working on a few methods to increase readership here, and one of them is a guerrilla marketing campaign using these great business cards I printed up with no identification, just a few fun video game references and a mysterious QR code:

I’m going to be surreptitiously hiding these around places whose clientele might share tastes with my potential reader base. Comic shops, game stores, that sort of thing.

First off, if you’re just now joining us, thanks to finding one of these cards, welcome to the party! Take your time, read through the archives. This is a pretty cool comic if I do say so myself. Second, if you’re a returning reader and big fan of the comic, and you’d like to help me out a bit spreading the good word, comment or email me here to let me know you’re interested. I’ll get in touch and I can send you some of these cards to hide around your local game/comic geek hangouts.


3 thoughts on “0513 – Happy Birthday

  1. I thought it was pretty obvious that it is.

    Chrono is born in 1986 -> In 2004 he travels with HI back to 1985 -> in 1985 Chrono is duplicated by causing a paradox -> Chrono A gets stuck in 1985, while Chrono B goes back to 2004 -> Chrono A lives on in the 80s, becoming friends with Caelus -> Caelus names his son after his friend -> the loop starts over again.

  2. Wait. What if the Chrono that was stuck in the eighties is the guy that’s training Luigi? MIND BLOWN.

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