0512 – The Garden Party

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He’s the most insidious type of villain: he’s killing them with kindness.

So I’m working on a few methods to increase readership here, and one of them is a guerrilla marketing campaign using these great business cards I printed up with no identification, just a few fun video game references and a mysterious QR code:

I’m going to be surreptitiously hiding these around places whose clientele might share tastes with my potential reader base. Comic shops, game stores, that sort of thing.

First off, if you’re just now joining us, thanks to finding one of these cards, welcome to the party! Take your time, read through the archives. This is a pretty cool comic if I do say so myself. Second, if you’re a returning reader and big fan of the comic, and you’d like to help me out a bit spreading the good word, comment or email me here to let me know you’re interested. I’ll get in touch and I can send you some of these cards to hide around your local game/comic geek hangouts.


6 thoughts on “0512 – The Garden Party

  1. ROB! Send me an email. If you can send some of those cards my way I’d love to spread them around. I frequent a few nerd hangouts where a card like that and a comic like this would go over HUGE.

  2. Hey, Robert. It might be a good idea to update the ‘Cast’ page if you get a chance.

    @viperzerofsx I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that Victor wants to revive Kefka. Why, who knows?

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