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Happy 22nd birthday, Dez! Here’s your present: A comic!

BTW, I recently bought a shock collar for myself at a pet supply store, and locked it onto my neck.

(Photo at left is me wearing the collar.)

I wrote an app for my Droid X that activates the collar every Monday and Thursday at midnight, and at 5 minute intervals thereafter unless deactivated for that day by a code, randomly generated by my FTP client when I upload a comic. In short, If I don’t make a comic, I get shocked.

For your benefit and mine, I will attempt to have more regular updates to this site than I have in the past.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


10 thoughts on “0449 – The Guru

  1. Holy crap Rob…your motivation causes a mix of awe and questions of your sanity. Regardless, good luck with that plan.

  2. Protip: Real shock collars don’t look like a piece of cardboard with a coax cable adapter taped on…

    In reality, I did set an alarm on my phone to remind me to update. Also, I’m planning on making a couple weeks worth this weekend so I have a buffer again.

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