25 thoughts on “0450 – Beautiful

  1. Retcon 101: Unless there is specific canonical content contrary to your statement, your statement can be regarded as true.

    I.E.: Nothing in the games ever said Lucca was straight, so I’m free and clear to make her a dyke.

  2. That is unexpected… but it’s going to be interesting. Just hope she won’t find out about Robo-Peach…

  3. All this time I’ve called Heroes Inc. a terrible fanfiction jokingly, and then Robert makes one of the characters a lesbian for no reason.
    It’s like I’m really on fanfiction.net!

  4. Just like I made Bowser jewish for no reason, and I made Mega Man speak in ebonics for no reason…Shall I go on?

    This comic is as much a parody of other horrible fan-works as it is of the original material.

    It’s what I like to call meta-parody.

  5. Jesus guys, it is a parody…and creative license is Rob’s to wield since he hosts the comic, be pays the bandwitch and he wears the shock collar.

  6. Can you say love triangle:

    Chrono -> Samus <- Lucca

    I can totally see Lucca and Chrono competing for Samus's attention.

  7. Lucca is a lesbian? Never saw that coming, but now that you put more characters from chrono trigger i would like to see frog again

  8. I’m not sure about you guys, but I like what Rob has done with his creative license. Especially Ghetto Megaman.

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