0448 – Fingers

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Not entirely sure Link is a good guy after all…


Your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to print out this image and post it everywhere you can:

No accompanying text, no explanations. Just do it. Hang it up at your school, your work, your apartment building. Hang it up in shopping centers, post offices, and churches. Skate parks, movie theaters, arcades. Everywhere you go, post it.

Send me a photo of your postings and it might end up here. ROLL OUT!

Also, If you really want to impress me, and confuse your friends, get it on a shirt.

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14 thoughts on “0448 – Fingers

  1. This really depends on which link your are referring to. This would be out of character for Link: Hero of Winds (Wind Waker) or Link: Grand Knight of Hyrule (Link to the Past) but could easily be considered normal for Link: Hero of Time (Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask). As Link (HoT) basically had his life ruined by Ganon I imagine him being more mercenary and vengeful than the noble hero out to save the world. Skullkid/Majora just happen to be dumb enough to tick him off and then get in his way. So, yeah I could easily see link snapping hands and breaking heads.

  2. Rob, I have never seen a “serious parody” (I coined that term and demand it be added to the Wikia)of Link that not only was realistic, but also somewhat humerous and actually increased my liking for the character.


  3. rorschach’s journal: Mario’s still on my mind. Liberal scum should die. Hope Happy Harry is open tonight. Should cheer me up.

  4. Link has taken on a more direct way of stopping what might as well the the end of the world and the enslavement of all sentient races…he has dealt with Doomsday more times then Mario has.

    So, under his leadership his team could hit the ground running breaking limbs and cracking skulls until he burns off enough steam and gains enough ground to mayebe co-op with his former “Heroes Inc.” employeers and the Shroom Liberation Army.

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