14 thoughts on “0438 – Back from the dead

  1. Rob… 2-month break… NOT funny! And just to make it clear. It’s that Toad that showed them their rooms at the very begining?

  2. I highly doubt that Meta Knight will be a “good” guy. He’s probably just looking out for himself and saving the crew probably works in his favor.

    Also, good to have you back, Rob.

  3. Meta Knight is an anti-hero by definition. Rob had plans to introduce him before we starting to unravel a time paradox, therefore, I trust Rob has set-up a way to introduce him, set him up as a major player and be to his character.

    I am more interested in seeing the up-coming dynamic between Meta Knight and Kirby as this all starts to roll together and the plot moves forward.

    Hopefully with the least time gaps as humanly possible…

  4. Wait, is that a GBA sprite? (1st panel, mysterious figure) I thought you only used SNES sprites! Hmmm…. Anyway, I hope he’s a good guy, even if he’s not a nice guy, necessarily…

  5. @grandpalove: Actually, If I had to guess… I would think those Meta Knight sprites were NES “Kirby’s Adventure” or the remake “Nightmare in Dreamland”
    @Comic: Great comic! I hope to see more soon.

  6. *GASP* It’s you…Toad!

    So then I was all like, get to the point already. We are all wondering whom the man in the cape is.

  7. Actually, I had been planning on using the Meta Knight sprites from Kirby Super Star on SNES *and did for the earlier blurry versions), but decided to use the playable Meta Knight sprites from Super Star Ultra on DS, because they’re basically the same (minor differences only) but with a lot more poses to work with.

  8. Viper, I think Rob intended to make the title work both for the introduction of Toad, as well as, mock his own lack of activity.

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