10 thoughts on “0437 – Bag ’em

  1. AHRGL! ROB! ^^
    Stop being so mean to us…

    But I love Toads response, it made me lol.
    And great playing with the blur, I for certain can´t make out who the fuck HIM is. ^^

  2. @Jenova

    Could be? Between MK, the blue cape AND the sketch Robert put up a while ago, theres no ifs, ands, or buts about it. That’s definitely metaknight.

    And now, of course, Robert’s gonna throw a curveball and make me eat my words ._.

    Just a question…since mystery toads who Guantanamo’d our heroes saved them from Mystery Toads with guns, shooting to kill…does this mean we have a new hero in our party?

  3. Rob, you’re just joking about that hiatus, right? Please be joking…

    And yeah, it’s probably Meta Knight. Now waiting for Rob to prove us otherwise.

  4. it’s either MetaKnight, or someone that looks like him from the back (including costumes) so either way, I said who it is. :¬[)

  5. That’s cerntaily is: Johny Yong Bosch, cuz he doesn’t like Mario, or anything. DAMN YOU!!!!

    Do not EVER write hiatus again.EVER!!!!

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