0435 – Let’s roll!

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I have to say, that blood on the sidewalk looks beautiful.

Anyway, I have to apologize again for the lack of comics. I hate when I let this comic go for so long without an update, because I hate letting down all my fans.

However, I think I need to take some time look back at the origins of this comic, and how both it and I have progressed. When I started Heroes Inc. in 2004, I had just graduated high school. I lived with my parents, I had lots of free time, only a part-time job, and no girlfriend. I used this comic partly as an experiment for me to learn Photoshop.

That was 6 years and several versions of Photoshop ago. It’s now 2010. Heroes Inc. has progressed from a simple sprite-comic to a full-blown multimedia online graphic novel. I graduated college 2 years ago, and now I have a full time graphic design / production job. I have my own apartment. I have a hot girlfriend who just got out of school for the summer, and will likely want to spend as much time with me as possible. In addition to these real life activities, I have a handful of other projects I’m working on, some of which I’ve shown you all, some of which are still under wraps.

Long story short, I don’t have as much opportunity to work on Heroes Inc. as I ‘d like. Despite being the Photoshop wizard I am, it still takes about 3 solid hours to make each comic, and in my current station in life, 3 solid free hours aren’t always easy to find.

I want to make one thing clear, I am not going to quit Heroes Inc. any time soon. I have a complete story to tell, and even if I could put out 3 comics a week, it would take a few more years to finish. But as things stand, there’s no way this can be a 3-per-week comic. Best case scenario, once a week.

But I’m not abandoning you. In addition to the actual comic, I’ll keep you updated on my other projects as they become relevant. Look for: new drawn comics, videos, new literary work, and potentially some new business ventures you may be interested in checking out.

So anyway, the tl;dr version: Heroes Inc. isn’t dead, but from here out updates will likely be sporadic. I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything.


27 thoughts on “0435 – Let’s roll!

  1. hey life happens as long as you work on it when you can its cool. me and spellca are working on comics too and i’m having problems and we havn’t even started. so do what you can when you can.

  2. We understand you have a life, and you shouldn’t waste it. And you not updating as often means we will have Heroes Inc for more years to come.
    Get things in as often as you can, but don’t stress yourself out over it.

  3. Honestly man, I would be way more bothered if you did choose to pass all that up just to work on the comic more. It doesn’t matter how slow it crawls as long as it isn’t dead. Suspense is the best part of a serial.

  4. As the last of the sprite comics (though yours has kinda evolved past that :O) you can do whatever you want! Besides which its not like we lent you money or something!

  5. Well, sprite comics maybe but the Sprite genre as an entire genre still exists. So, Rob, you may not be the last man standing if you look at the big picture.

  6. Holy fuck… I just found out 8-Bit Theater is done… I hadn’t checked it in a couple months, but it’s been officially done for 2 weeks now…

    Ever since Bob and George finished up, I always said, “There’s still 8BT, I’m still in good company.” Now being the last (semi-) active good sprite comic on the internet, I am the last man standing. Or if not the last, then certainly the tallest.

    This is serious shit.

  7. Hiring? If I was making enough profit from this site to hire someone, I’d probably be updating more often.

    I’ve never made money off this. The meager income I get from google ads and cafepress shirts doesn’t even come close to covering the web host fees…

  8. Well, I have several hundred I have made over the years clogging up my hard drive, but only you and MS Paint Masterpieces really still exist.

    I am sorrowful about it.

  9. Rob, even if you’re the last Sprite man standing, I’m sure that with your determination and our support, Heroes Inc. can turn into one of the best sprite comic ever!

    …Just don’t ‘die’ for too long, okay?

  10. Just a small suggestion. Iv’e noticed that you have been using sprite characters against real backgrounds for a while. Perhaps if you just had normal sprite backgrounds it would take less time to make a comic.It doesnt really matter what the comic is visually, I would read it if it was just hand drawn stick figures. The only thing that really matters is the story.

  11. It takes no more time to copy an image from a stock photography website and paste it into a comic than it does to copy a backdrop from a sprite resource site and paste it in.

  12. Don’t fail us Rob…or die…

    You are the last man standing and according to your own statements, have years of plot to cover. Don’t leave us holding onto loose ends.

  13. You know honestly Robert, all it takes to get on Wikipedia is someone who wants to add it. I don’t know if there are official people or anything but if there are they’re probably busy adding things with the oil spill and world cup. But if you or any of us wanted to, we could just hop over and make it and it’d be there.

  14. oh I would love to I think the only thing is that you can’t do it. though if you could tell us your average traffic that would help prevent mods from taking it down.

  15. My traffic is way down from what it used to be thanks to my lack of updates…

    Bet you didn’t know I had over a million hits in November 2007, did you? Last month I had about 90,000. I can’t tell what that factors to in unique visits, but I’d guess maybe 10% of those numbers.

    Want to know my largest referring site? Quake.ingame.de. Someone on a German quake forum has the Kirby image from the cast page hotlinked in their sig. AND THAT’S GENERATING MY HIGHEST NUMBER OF REQUESTS.

    On a side note, I noticed when looking through my traffic reports that the old gift shop page from version 2 of the site is still online, and had a couple hits. There are even a few links on there to robertart.net which has been gone for years… Also, there are a few remnants from the cutenews comment system on version 3 of the site. Maybe I should clean up the server a bit…

    Regardless, I need to get a lot more traffic flowing through here before I’m “notable” enough for Wikipedia.

  16. “At the height of its readership in 2004, Bob and George held an Alexa traffic rank of around 20,000”

    I think we could make you a page

  17. My Alexa rank is over 4 million with no historical ranking because I never got over 100,000.

    Best thing you guys can do is go tell all your friends about Heroes Inc., and have them tell their friends, and have everyone vote and fav on TWC and onlinecomics.net and the like.

  18. Personal issues trump the artistic craft, Rob. I would rather have your life in order and increase the updates at your pace, rather then your loyal followers pump up a following only for the stagnant pace and seeminly random update times kills off whatever we bring here.

  19. Hi, I’m new here obviously, but I did find this webcomic thru Planet Zebeth. He has a link on his website to here, and right now all webcomics I know of seem to be on halt, so it’s not all bad that you’re taking a break really.

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