20 thoughts on “0434 – That just about sums it up…

  1. did you ever consider instead of sprites using models from gamecube and wii games?

  2. Even if I knew what I was doing in 3D studio, and even if I knew how to get the characters from the games into 3D studio, do you have any idea how much of a pain in the ass it would be to rig and pose all the characters, model all the environments, and render all the needed scenes?

    Also, I’m lazy. As evidenced by the lack of consistent updates.

  3. Well people like him that gets disappointed is the real disappointment.

    Also I agree, The 3D would look nice but think how hard that would be. I know I would be to lazy to start a webcomic at all. XD And if I did, I would update every 4 months from lazyness. So your doing a great job, Robert! (: I envy your speed, Even if most complains about it.

  4. Is it just me, or did the truck change it’s colour from black to blue during the fillers?

  5. Nah, keep it up with sprites. In my opinion it’s more admirable to make a graphically and narratively compelling comic out of something as simple as sprites than it would be to use 3D models where it automatically looks more realistic.

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  7. Good update! The characters seem to interact with the real world objects as if they have actual weight, which is impressive.

  8. Hey! That van not only changed it’s color….but the van itself!

    (it’s a conspiracy.)

  9. why did you use different vans
    the original one was black with a white V on the front, and this one is blue with a tire on the front

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