12 thoughts on “0416 – Operation Keymaster

  1. If this isn’t an opening for Luigi to come in and save Link & Co once Magus hands them their asses, I dont know what is.

  2. I take it in the comic’s version of Crono’s history, he didn’t recruit Magus?

    Also, I bet an internet that Magus is just using the cult to find the gate so he can bring back his sister 😛

  3. Gina has something under her sleeve, It isn’t the epoch. The falcon? The invincible? The Heroes inc. van?

  4. @Demonhunter
    I think Magus did join Cronos team, becaase if Glenn fights him in 12000 BC he dies. He says something alone the lines of, “If I am sure to die, Glenns curse shall be lifted”

    But that is good speculation that he wants to use the gate to bring back Schala, or at least find her.

  5. Gina probably has connections with people Caellus knew to get them an airship.

    Anyway… If any team can take Magus down, it’s these four. Well, Chrono might be better replaced by Mario, but it’s still a very strong team.

  6. Damn, I sure hope Mario and Link’s teams regroup, otherwise I’ll be pissed. Plus, if Luigi doesn’t come in some time in Chapter 5 then, again, I’ll be pissed. Like MAJORLY-pissed.

  7. I realized that the two teams are falling for the old cliche. The one where they try to stop the bad guys from collecting certain objects by collecting them themselves, but it just saves the villan time because the hero collected it for him/her.

    See: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Sonic Adventure.

  8. My mind is still semi-wondering about the Chrono left in the past, and if that is gonna affect anything.

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