11 thoughts on “0415 – Fungus House Roots

  1. So, Team Mario is going back home…
    This new turn of events (Link leaving the group with the others) is clearly interesting, and i’m eager to see how it will get in the plans of the Evil Master of Evil.

    BTW, excellent banner (nice thing to think about getting Samus and Chrono looking at each other from their respective sides).

  2. Yay! The teams are perfect 😀
    Now I just need Samus to fight Megaman at some point, and AWESOME will be fulfilled.

  3. @tvtyrant

    Why would they fight? It’s not like Link’s team turned evil, they’re all going towards the same goal. Link just got tired of Mario calling him out on his attitude.

  4. @Mr.Will

    It’s now about WHY they would fight, it’s about HOW awesome the fight between two people using similar weapons and having similar fighting styles (in this case essentially power armor and plasma cannons; I know Megaman is a robot but it’s essentially the same) would be.

  5. @tvtyrant and Mr.Will
    Also, just because they have a common goal doesn’t mean they won’t fight. They could get in eachothers way, or something.

  6. Well, I’ve finally read everything you have made so far and I am now one of the official fans.

    Anyway, I love these strange plot-twists. Link is Crono’s father, the Crono-Clono, and the team splitting up? What a riot!

  7. I don’t know how you can do it, but it would be amazing if some turn of events or whatever actually did force the two sides against each other. That would be the best thing ever.

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