7 thoughts on “0392 – Any Requests?

  1. Good to have you back. Just a question, does buying merch directly benefit you as well? I wanna donate, but I’m a materialistic little weasel, and I want a tshirt 😛

  2. “Never gonna get a one-up,
    never gonna leave you with Bowser,
    never gonna let Luigi rescue you!
    Toad is really annoying,
    I really hate those turtle things,
    This is why I’m the king of Nintendo!”

  3. A-HA! I was right! I guessed that he would play something (or at least suggest something) I’d never heard of, and I was RIGHT! Oh, and does this mean you have a job, or did you just have free time? Not trying to pry in to your personal business, I was just wondering.

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