0391 – Back to the Plot Device

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Well, they had Mario DDR… I’m sure Mario Guitar Hero is coming up soon.

Could’ve held this for a midnight Monday update, but you’ve all been waiting so long, I’ll give it to you 7 hours early.

Yes, I know I’m lazy. But I’ve also been out of work and looking for a job, plus a bit burned out on Photoshop after the horrible experience I had with my last graphic design job.

On the plus side, I’ve been working on my long term comics career goals, including a submission to the Amazon Comic Strip Superstar Contest (Good news on that: as of a few days ago, I’m in the top 250 of 5000 entries and have moved on to the next round of judging), and I finally got around to putting together Department 13 into a fully professional proposal, which I submitted to Dark Horse Comics.

Still no immediate source of income, though I have applied for several seasonal positions which should be hiring soon. Wish me luck on that; I’m getting tired of borrowing money… On another note, I’ve emailed my cousins about moving in with them in New York to save money. Better job market than here in Ohio, plus I might be able to work with my cousin’s independent film studio for some good padding on my resume. More on that when I get more info.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s because of my lack of updates, but the Pixel Pagoda has been really dead lately. How’s about instead of typing pages of discussion in my comments, you go over there and liven the place up.

As a final note, if you feel sorry for me and feel like helping out, you’re more than welcome to do so:

Don’t forget you can always buy some Heroes Inc. merchandise.


13 thoughts on “0391 – Back to the Plot Device

  1. ALL RIGHT! You updated! Sweet… I know this will sound… n00bish… but I got first post! That’s never happened to me before. Anyway, I’d check out the “pixel pagoda” if I knew what it was.

  2. I really am glad to see a new comic! I hope you get a good job or get some legal source of income but overall I really wish I could help out… but I’m just a teen living with my parents and my only soure of income is from my website I work at… I also hope to see some more life a P.P. but noboady seems to come up with topics that scream “GREAT!” and make me want to post.

  3. What Grandpalove said (2nd time). Glad to see you updating though; but obviously finding a job takes precedent.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mario HAS played a small variety of instruments in the past. it makes sense for him to be able to play a guitar.

    Is there anything Mario can’t do?

  5. Good luck with the proposal to Dark Horse, and the contest, Robert.

    I think there should be an Extra about a Heroes Inc-themed band, where some of the members form a band for fun. Mario can play the Guitar, Link the Ocarina, Donkey Kong the Congos a la drums, ect.

    Anyone have any other ideas for characters and their instruments?

  6. My guess is something I’ve never heard of. Because I barely ever get the references you normally make, anyway! But that’s my fault. Anyway, I won’t recognize the song, that’s for sure.

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