52 thoughts on “0390 – The Plan

  1. …And of course now the conversation goes something like this.

    “Who’s your contact?”

    “Woman named Gina”

    “O_o That’s my mom!”

  2. “Who’s your contact?”

    “Woman named Gina”

    “O_o That’s my mom!”

    “Well her and I… last night…”

    “Daddy!? Now I understand, mommy always said that my daddy was a green hero! I LOVE YOU DADDY”


    Mario: “And thats the story of the first christmas”

  3. ‘Course he’s good at tactical thinking. He’s used to working with a three-man squad.

  4. Link can work with a 4 man squad, (four swords). Mario can also do three man(SMLot7S). But both of them are are use to working alone.

  5. Let’s also not forget that Link and Mario can work in up to 3 man squads in Super Smash Brothers.

  6. I just discovered this comic yesterday, and I spent hours yesterday and this morning reading it all. I have to say that it is genius, hilarious, and full of drama that keeps the reader coming back. Chalk up another fan who will be constantly checking for updates.

  7. Robert, for the love of god, don’t do this. I just kicked the habit and you come back with more new awesome comics, and now you’re snatching it all away again. I NEED MY FIX MAN!

  8. Kinda sucks that you don’t tell us what’s going on…You give us a week of awesome, a promise of regular updates, but then 3 weeks later…still no updates x_x;;

  9. Not hurt, unemployed. Found out my new design job was for a company whose business practices weren’t completely legal. I left before I got myself named as a co-defendant in one of several lawsuits they’re involved in.

    In short, I’ve been busy job hunting. My best prospect so far is seasonal work at Gamestop. I’ll try to get around to making some new comics in my downtime, but my focus will be elsewhere until I get a new source of income.

    Hint Hint Hint

  10. O_O;;; Omg wow that sucks, sorry to hear it. I hope you get another job soon!

    That’s fine about the no comics, was just wondering why there weren’t UPDATES about the lack of comics x_x; Good luck!

  11. O. good to hear your alright though. my reasons for not updating my comic are these: in i don’t know what to put next, and i’m having a lazy attack.

  12. Oh damn man, that’s a bummer. I can relate a bit. Good luck with the hunt, and remember you’ll have a legion of fans waiting for your glorious re-return!

  13. Im glad you arn’t hurt, but yeh, wish you best for a job. I’d donate if i had a job myself LMFAO

  14. Wow. I can’t believe you got caught up in that. How did you find out?

    Good luck finding another job.

  15. Good luck with the job hunt, again. Who wants to bet that at some point in the comic, bowser has an affair with the princess?

  16. While due to legal issues, its obvious Robert can’t publish the comics for money. Robert you ever think about creating a sprite comic with ONLY Nintendo-owned characters, and see about releasing an episodic sprite-comic or game over something like WiiWare, DSiWare, Nintendo Channel, or the upcoming television channel?

  17. Its called the Television Friend Channel in Japan, but I guess it probably will not be released stateside due to technical complications. I wouldn’t be surprised if another type of channel, similar to that one though, would come out eventually.

  18. Yea i was hoping for an update too, not to invade your privacy or anything. One of my favorite comics,I’m lost without my weekly fix

  19. yah, i was also wondering what was going on, and im hoping it at least by the 29th, since thats my bday, are you going to disappoint one of your fans on their birthday?

  20. Still looking for a short term-solution to my income needs, but I’ve been focused recently on my long term career goals in the comic book industry. Firstly, I submitted an entry to the Comic Strip Superstar contest hosted by Amazon. If I’m a finalist in that, I’ll be sure to let you all know so you can go vote for me. Second, I spent the last 2 weeks putting together a series proposal for Dark Horse Comics; with any luck, they’ll be interested enough to give me a call. However, I did plan on working a bit more on this comic in the upcoming weeks, now that those two big things are out of the way. No promises, but maybe new comics by the beginning of October?

  21. Take all the time you need man, your life comes first. Definitely keep us updated, we will give your comic the support to become epic

  22. well… we won’t need to wait a whole year for you, will we? and if so, this place will turn into a chat box. but at my site we made a comic about waiting for a comic 😀 Waiting for ryan to be exact… and we did wait about a year after the comics stoped coming to make it.

  23. well as long as you are alive, and werent eaten by angry pack of loins on the street one night walking home form the bar pissed about being unemployed. Good luck at finding your job, and keep us updated a bit more often. That is how you start to lose fans… Though I’ll stay here till the end. If you cant get an update atleast do a point less filler that is a picture of a naked girl, hahaha jk.

  24. Hoshi, you’re not the only one who’ll stay.

    I’m just glad this comic’s still up. It’s fun reading back through everything.

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