10 thoughts on “0381 – Just Under One Week

  1. Well here’s my first comment here. Ive re-read chapter 3 and whats written of chapter 4 today and tomorrow and I think that Locke is evil. From his conversationwith Stratgo I think those two are also trying to resurect Kefka. It got me really interested in the future…um and thats about it.

  2. Climax? So soon? This will only be the second gate piece. They have 2 more to go after this one, then the final boss level, plus anything in between they need to handle… The comic’s climax probably won’t happen for a few years.

    However, if you mean just the high point in this chapter, then yes, the story will be moving faster now. It took a bit to set it all up, but now the comic can progress quickly.

  3. So the secondary point of the comic is that Link and Gina are gonna accidently have… for crying out loud, I’ve got a sick mind…

  4. Check the site out for the sequel to Final Fantasy 4, FF4: The After Years – http://na.square-enix.com/ff4ay/

    It’s a Wiiware game, takes place over nine different tales, which I’m wondering if that means downloadable episodes. The two concepts for the battle mechanics sound interesting. The Band System is where two characters can create a combo, using MP from both characters. And since the Lunarian Moon is back, there are four phases of the moon, each phase effecting the gameplay differently so you constantly have to change your strategy.

  5. I have a question; you said you were switching to drawn only earlier, did you decide to use sprites for now due to time restraints?

  6. Just saw Star Trek, it was really good. This is from someone who grew up on The Next Generation and succeeding series, but only saw a couple episodes of the original.

  7. Given that we don’t have a life by definition we can’t have a life that doesn’t concent to history in general, no life is significant apart from it’s concention to the greater world.But you’re right in the significance of that life because if it doesn’t make sense to talk about me without the world it doesn’t make sense either to talk about the world without me. There’s only one history and it has me in it; to consider the world without me is to insult the world in a way. Yes, I’m that special and so are you I should mention that there are two hidden traps in the post I wrote one is the use of the word supposed,’ which assumes a world that has predetermined outcomes to things like families and meeting people. This cheats God, in a way, by implying he is not smart enough to let us make real free choices, while he still accomplishes his purposes.Perhaps God’s purposes are best understood as his intentions, rather than as fixed specific outcomes; intentions which we are free to spurn. The second trap is that I infer that there is just one story and one role to which I must fit. Of course, any storyteller knows that one can tell a thousand different stories of a single event, all of which might be true and yet all of which might also be meaningful and significant in their variations. I might be a villain today and a sidekick tomorrow.

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