0515 – Battle for Mushroom Castle Part 8

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Damn. Kirby’s got some rage issues.

FYI, I went through and cleaned up the archive, hiding all the non-numbered filler (and a few of the numbered items). I’m currently trying to gain some new readers so I decided to keep the focus on the comic so as to not scare them off. Also, after taking suggestions, I added a navbar above the comic as well. Now you can scroll through the comics easier without needing to read through my useless commentary below.

So I’m working on a few methods to increase readership here, and one of them is a guerrilla marketing campaign using these great business cards I printed up with no identification, just a few fun video game references and a mysterious QR code:

I’m going to be surreptitiously hiding these around places whose clientele might share tastes with my potential reader base. Comic shops, game stores, that sort of thing.

First off, if you’re just now joining us, thanks to finding one of these cards, welcome to the party! Take your time, read through the archives. This is a pretty cool comic if I do say so myself. Second, if you’re a returning reader and big fan of the comic, and you’d like to help me out a bit spreading the good word, comment or email me here to let me know you’re interested. I’ll get in touch and I can send you some of these cards to hide around your local game/comic geek hangouts.


4 thoughts on “0515 – Battle for Mushroom Castle Part 8

  1. I’m not much of someone who goes out to public places (usually no time), but I’ll definitely try to get the word out.

  2. Kirby does have rage issues. Who would have thought he stored up so much anger over all those games…?

  3. Well hot diggity-damn. I come back to this?? I’m so happy right now, and you bet your ass I’m reading this as often as I can.

  4. that people with prmelbos or recent prmelbos with alcohol, drugs or offending will not be placed there, if you can do this then I am sure no one will have a problem with your uses for SC. You have stated at the meeting, and in your reply, you will only house people who will create successful tenancies, what does this mean? Does it mean that as long as they pay their rent on time it’s a successful tenancy? Are there covenants about behaviour and what is acceptable?You stated that many would not be in work but looking for work, where is this work? Saltdean and especially West Saltdean where SC is situated contains a handful of shops, most owned and operated by small business people. Saltdean is a residential area. Where are they expected to find work? Where will the support to help them in to work come from? I will now turn to your blog about the meeting. After the meeting I spoke to a lot of residents and none that I spoke to were reassured in fact some of the older generation were visibly upset and close to tears. This is due to the total failure of BHT to engage with the local community from the beginning. You say that some residents were so anxious that nothing would have reassured them, well don’t you think it is your job to go out of you way to make sure they are reassured. People are upset and angry and whether you think they are wrong to feel like that it is your failure to communicate with the local community that has created this anxiety in the first place. You also note that there were one or two comments that were not representative of the people of Saltdean. To which comments do you refer as the meeting that I went to anyone who raised concerns about SC were given a good round of applause and I think the one person who gave it a luke warm reception had about 4 people clapping.I am glad that you have realised you underestimated the strong sense of community in Saltdean, but I think this is representative of your whole approach to this with regards to the local community, you clearly did not do your homework. Saltdean is a very quiet suburb of Brighton and Hove and the Lewes district, I would say the large majority of people who live here are retired or bringing up a family, in fact I would say most of the people who move to Saltdean do so to raise a family away from all the prmelbos that the centre of Brighton has. Now right in the centre of our community we will have a block of flats full of single people with little or no connection to Saltdean, and as they are on short tenancies it will probably mean a very transient population living within SC. Also the scale, it’s huge, it’s the largest building in West Saltdean, it will stand out in the community and I believe create a mini ghetto. I personally would have no problem of something on a smaller scale in Saltdean, say a few flats, but a whole block is completely out of proportion with the area it is in. I cannot believe that these issues were not raised within BHT when looking to get the lease, surely someone visited the area, and did they not get out of the car, look around and think maybe this scale of housing is wrong for this area. If the answer is no then I would find it hard to believe what we are being told.I would also like to reassert my issue with where SC is situated. About 100 metres from SC is School Lane on School Lane is Saltdean Primary School which has about 440 primary school children. At the end of Lustrells Vale is St Nicholas pre-school and a short distance away is Boomerang Kids Nursery and next door to that is a new nursery whose name eludes me at the moment. Most of the children attending these schools walk past SC everyday and more so if they are visiting the shops or chippie over the road they will be passing SC. I passed there yesterday afternoon to go to the co-op and there were two groups of people standing on the pavement discussing SC and they were not happy to say the least. I have not mentioned anything yet but I do believe that the cat is out of the bag on this one and word is spreading like wild fire around the neighbourhood and I suspect by the end of the week most parents will be aware of the situation and another meeting will need to be held. In this day and age the media do enough to put the fear of god in to parents when it comes to strangers in their neighbourhood or something looking out of place. I suggest that maybe BHT gets a bit more proactive and contacts the school to maybe organise a meeting to help reassure parents. I must say that when someone raised an issue about people loitering around with nothing to do you did say at the meeting you would be more concerned about young people hanging around outside the co-op. I have only lived in Saltdean for two years but I do visit the co-op most days, usually at night and I have never seen kids hanging around the co-op, never, again you show a lack of understanding about the community you want to place your largest residential block.I go back to an earlier point, if you can reassure the community that the people to be housed at SC do not have prmelbos or recently had prmelbos with alcohol, drugs or offending then I believe we would all feel a lot better about your plans. If you cannot offer the community these guarantee’s then we will have to organise ourselves and fight this, as a parent I owe it to my children.Yours Sincerely,Lawrence Andrew

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