0478 – Bushido Meditation

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Meditation blatantly stolen from indiadivine.org.

Sorry again for the delay. My lappy is about on its last leg and isn’t too thrilled to be rendering realistic grass. I had to dumb it way down from what I had modeled, because no matter what I tried, it just kept crashing with that many polygons. Feel free to donate to the If-Robert-Had-A-New-Laptop-There’d-Be-More-Updates Fund by clicking the paypal link to your right.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


34 thoughts on “0478 – Bushido Meditation

  1. It is good to have you back Rob, as one of the only two sprite comics I read that are left from the great purge of 2006.

  2. @ Viper: There’s the problem. I’d like to replace it with an HP DV7, or maybe just drop HP altogether and get a Dell XPS or Alienware, but I’m barely paying my bills as it is. Until I can either cut my expenses or get some more income, I’m stuck with this obsolete piece of junk.

    @ Spellca: “Purge” may be a poor choice of words. “Mass Extinction” is more accurate.

  3. just found this last night. pretty cool cant wait to see where all you plot-lines come back together.

  4. Ah, so that’s what’s going on. As long as your alright Rob. I hope everything works out for you.

  5. My theory on that mass extinction of sprite comics is it had a lot to do with a major hub for the medium crashing. This isolated many of them from a large portion of their fanbase, and without the fanbase, several authors just had no reason to continue.

    It is far more entertaining to make comics when you have fans after all.

  6. I think that honestly the majority of them were awful; they were in universe fan-comics that copied earlier in universe fan-comics. Look at the fan comics on the Bob and George website! Half of them used jokes from Bob and George and a number of them brought in the characters. Even when not a B&G/8-bit Theater rip off, and when not set in an overly saturated setting (Megaman, Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy) the majority of comics had bad dialogue and style.

  7. I think the original appeal of the medium was the ease of use; you didn’t have to be talented or hard working to make them. The comics that were good (Heroes Inc at the top of the list) were made by the people who put in the most effort, which eventually put it in the same place as comics in general; the comics that have time and effort in them are good and those that don’t aren’t. The cheap, hastily put together comics stopped being made in droves before the good ones went out, so when the old comics started going without new people to fill their place the medium effectively died. That’s my diagnosis, having been in it at the time.

  8. It would be interesting to see a completely original story that plays out like an oldschool Super Nintendo RPG. The comic could use recycled environment sprites, or even character sprites – though original character sprites would be even cooler.

    Even a original Final Fantasy story, with popular FF themes like Moogles, Chocobos, and the many summons, but an all new story and setting – that would be pretty cool.

  9. its true he never shuts up about it and considers it his greatest inspiration, far more so then any other literary or cinematic piece

  10. you print it and post it some were and take a picture of yourself with it. anyone who finds it and takes a picture of it will be sent to this site

  11. At least the comic’s still going. I don’t think I’ve posted before, but please, keep up the good work.

    @aqua There’s a description under comic 445 (page 1190), too.

  12. Two bits of news:

    A) The next comic is almost done, I’m still fighting with my old lappy to get it to finish rendering.

    B) Due to an unexpected yet very welcome turn of events, it looks like I’ll be able to replace my old lappy soon. And by soon, I mean in the next week. Details to follow shortly, faster updates to follow after that.

  13. thats great,not only do you have a new laptop but, but new laptops are fun. do you get to keep 3d studio max? I always wanted to know how that would work when you get a new pc

  14. If it’s software you paid for, you get to keep it. 3DS, Adobe, Office, Etc… All let you uninstall and deactivate on an old PC and reinstall and re-activate on a new one.

    Of course, hypothetically speaking, if one were using a pirated version with a cracked serial and registration, then it wouldn’t matter. But of course, we would never think of doing such a thing.

  15. thanks for letting me know. I have used Gmax since I was younger and I am having a real hard time switching to blender, so I thought maybe one day I might try it. that was simply one of my concerns

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