0459 – Draft Notice

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If I had a faster computer, I’d just do the whole comic in 3D. It looks so much nicer than those RM2K backgrounds I use the rest of the time… Unfortunately, when it takes 5 hours to render one panel, I’m stuck limiting it to a minimum.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


9 thoughts on “0459 – Draft Notice

  1. Ahhhh… drafted… mario might last a lon time, but from what ive seen mecha peach wont last a second on the front lines. LINK NEEDS TO BE OUT THERE THAT BADASS!!!

  2. if you ever get a better pc i’ll tell you how to get models from gc and wii games. or you could use low poly n64 games they are low poly must be easier to render

  3. That’s not a pc quality issue, I can rip models now. If I wanted, I could even replace all the sprites with models from Smash Bros. Brawl.

    …but it wouldn’t be a sprite comic then, would it?

  4. One issue Viper, to my knowledge Chrono Trigger and some of those from Final Fantasy as they appear in this comic have no 3-D counterparts to use for models.

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