0456 – Under Control

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Another quick glimpse at a divergent plot.

FYI: This is Monday’s comic, I just figured there was no sense in holding it off 3 more hours, since I hadn’t posted anything Thursday.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


10 thoughts on “0456 – Under Control

  1. Dude, I’m digging the fact that we’re getting updates about a few more of the storylines going on right now d(‘.’d)

  2. I predict military Chrono to become a fierce antagonist in the future…well the current present, well the our future and the comic’s present. Damn paradox…

  3. Wait, so, he’s not trying to return home or anything? He’s just gonna chill out in the past?
    Also, why hasn’t anyone commented on “meanwhile in 1986”?

  4. @Robert: Well, I don’t really know much about Chrono’s games, so I didn’t know that. Besides, most of the time when people get trapped in the past in movies and such, their main objective is to get home, so the fact that Chrono wasn’t trying left me a little confused…

    @Zenith: Thank you! I think that line’s funny, too. I was just wondering when someone else was gonna notice it!

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