0455 – Path of the Warrior

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I have 5 concurrent interconnected plots (Mario’s group, Link’s group, Luigi, 1985 Chrono, and the Princesses); here’s what’s going on in one of them.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


12 thoughts on “0455 – Path of the Warrior

  1. Having several plots with several different characters is good. It’s what made Les Miserables so successful.

    …just don’t get lost….

  2. I like Castor already. I can’t wait to see what’ll happen to Luigi.

    Different plots… This would make a great book. ^^

  3. I’d love to publish HI as a graphic novel, but I’ve used so much copyrighted material that I’d get myself sued a dozen times over just by suggesting it.

    Hmm… maybe if I gave out “printed back-up copies” for free to anyone who donated to the comic by PayPal… Would that work as an effective loophole?

    Anyway, Thursday’s comic will probably be up sometime Friday evening. Real-world issues to deal with right now.

  4. Rob, a promise of a free back-up of the whole comic would most likely get me to donate. But, sorry, it would have to be a set in stone thing.

  5. Just read through the entire archive to catch up on what’s happened. So many damn filler posts and update breaks that I lost track of the story.

    But anyway, I had forgotten how astounding some of the effects were. Fantastic job and keep it coming!

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