11 thoughts on “0402 – Fix’d.


    I’m going to release Monday’s comic a day early on Sunday along with a special TWC vote incentive – a sneak peek at the next chapter of the comic!

  2. Quick question, all: How many of you would buy Heroes Inc. shirts if they were screen printed and only $15? I know the reason nobody buys them is because cafepress and zazzle stuff looks like shit and is too expensive, but what if it was good quality and cheap?

  3. Mostly all new designs. The ones I made for cafepress and such have too many colors for screen printing, so I’m making some more simple designs. I’ll post more on it later in the week when I have some ideas to show off, but I’ll let you know I have one in mind with Bowser that says “It’s good to be the King” and one with a toad soldier waving a mushroom kingdom flag.

  4. trip shit is.. these females are suppsoed to be exotic, but you see em so much nowadays that its nuthin! anybody over the age of 13, maybe 15 will most likely be unimpressed.. smh

  5. . Ain’t no ange limit on gorgeous. They have som fine old ass out here that can take them detnrues out n rick your world. Sanaa belongs on this post . Thank u.

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