0400 – Comic #400 Super Special!! …Oh, wait, nevermind

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Sorry, the story is too important to waste today’s comic on #400 filler.

Also, sorry for the lack of a midnight update; it slipped my mind to pre-post it this weekend. No biggie, it’s still Monday.


10 thoughts on “0400 – Comic #400 Super Special!! …Oh, wait, nevermind

  1. ahhh, a plasma fusion coupling. a common household item in todays world. but it’ll be hard to find one in the 80’s.

  2. Hey, the Epoch never had any problems after sitting in the same place for 2000 years or something like that… Why would it now?

    …Well, I suppose they DID crash it into Lavos… that could do it…

  3. @ Nokareon;

    Crashing it into Lavos destroyed it in the game though, and it was left in 1999(/2999)…

    Also, completing all the side-story quests at the end had the group facing Lavos after they beat Zeal at the Black Omen…

  4. Remember fellow time travelers to change your plasma fusion coupling every 3000 years of time travelling.

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