0388 – Saturday

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I, for one, saw it coming.

…And that wraps up welcome back week. I’ll try to stick with my promise of continued new comics back on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Regardless, stay tuned! The next bit will get exciting.


8 thoughts on “0388 – Saturday

  1. This week may have been the best week in history. Keep on drawin’ man this webcomic is god

  2. So…the good guys are gonna take the thing they need…but somehow lose it? Could Magus just blast in somehow and steal it off their person?

  3. In response to “Mr. Will”: they don’t lose it. They take it back to the future with them. The castle won’t have it. But THEY WILL. Also, Robert, I think you should have summaries every once in a while. Sometimes its hard to keep track of what’s going on with so many comics and so many breaks.

  4. I don’t know; we could just as easily go back and reread the sections that we aren’t understanding.

    Good comic, I really like the predestination tinge to this whole section.

  5. I figured this would happen, hoped it would, but I didn’t think Robert would actually do it. Sweet.

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