More over-the-top use of forced perspective and depth of field.

Comic 2/7 in this week’s DAILY STRIP SPECTACULAR!!! Come back tomorrow for more!


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3 Responses to “0420 – Hey man… You ever think that the universe is just like, one atom of some even bigger universe we can’t even imagine? Woah… My hands can touch anything but themselves…”

  • Joseph Staleknight Says:

    What a long title. I should probably put this in TVTropes.

  • TheFaith Says:

    the title makes for the whole comic…
    I think peach is right

  • FelixML Says:

    The title…I dont get it.

    In Other news, I dont think the Link and the Others ‘Betrayed’ the team, more like it was a Harsh Split up.

    It may come in three outcomes:
    A)In X moment they will Unite together again.
    B)The Both Teams will split even More.
    C)One of the Teams will be slaughtered.
    (Can I haz option C?)

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