0419 – Betrayal?

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And here I thought Luigi was the emo one…

Comic 1/7 in this week’s DAILY STRIP SPECTACULAR!!! Come back tomorrow for more!

Quick for the commenters: Which is a better investment of $1000, a new HDTV and PS3, or a new laptop?


11 thoughts on “0419 – Betrayal?

  1. Seconded on the laptop. Problem with a PS3 is that both the games for it (or the Blu-rays movies) are that they end up costing a hefty chunk of change each.

  2. I’d probably go for the laptop as well, but no-one said you had to get a top of the line model. Hell, if I was in that predicament, I would get a mid-range at Walmart as well as a PS3, though the only reason I want the PS3 is for SoulCalibur 4.

  3. I would use the thousand to get an i-7 core and build a new computer, but a new laptop would also be good.

  4. Oh, and I’m hoping this leads to an awesome Megaman vs. Samus fight (or Samus vs. Chrono, or Locke vs. Chrono)

  5. i would go with the t.v but get the 360 it is cheaper and they have fixed the red ring of death thing sure you can’t play god of war three but you can play other games that aren’t on the ps3 to.

  6. I would go with the TV and either a Wii or 360. (Im a nintendo fanboy, but the 360 is alright)

    If you want to invest in computers, I personally put the bulk of my money into making my desktop customizable and powerful. Then I only have a small cheap netbook (or slightly bigger laptop) meant just for portability, taking to school and into coffee shops and such. Enough to play a movie or two, browse the internet, and use MS office. Use my desktop for any high end hardcore stuff.

  7. That’s what my brother has…except I don’t think he has a blu-ray drive. He has all of his gaming consoles and his computer hooked up to the freaking huge monitor, and just switches back and forth. It’s weird to see him play WoW like that; his dwarf is bigger than his head.

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