Hiatus – Let’s just make this official

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Hey, all. You know I’m lazy and even when I’m at my peak rarely update this, but my priorities have shifted a bit in the last few years so now it’s even harder to make myself work on this. That’s why I’m officially putting Heroes Inc. on hiatus, effective retroactively to whenever I last posted. (Checks… April? almost 8 months, damn.)

I do still have a story to tell with this, and I plan on coming back to it at some point, but at the moment I’ve got other things on my plate. You deserve good quality comics out of me, and if I forced myself to do it now, it wouldn’t be up to a standard of quality I’d be proud to give you.

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in following what I’m up to, Check this out: Gem Studios – This is the indie game development studio most of my free time on. Also available on Facebook. If you’ve enjoyed Heroes Inc., I recommend looking into it, because I’m currently working on a new retro console-style RPG, titled Legend of the Eternal Blade. It’s a parody of/homage to many of the classic SNES RPGs that also influenced HI.

Once again, sorry for the lack of content. Maybe once I get this game selling on Steam, I’ll be able to cut back on hours at my job and have some more energy to write. We’ll see.  In the meanwhile, here’s some demos for LotEB:


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  1. Well, at least we know you’ll continue. You still have faithful readers with you, and good luck!

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