0498 – Keep that sword arm up.

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Alright, a few changes to note; I shrank the header and text a bit, re-fixed the nav to the classic first, previous, next, last style, moved my ad to the footer, and signed up for project wonderful and put an ad down there too. After next Friday’s paycheck from my real job, I’ll be bidding on some of those PW ads myself. New readers incoming, woo.


3 thoughts on “0498 – Keep that sword arm up.

  1. reminds me of this old game called marathon, a good number of stages are in the dark and its hard as hell to fight in them 😀

  2. Heroes Inc. Megaman has the best buster sound effect ever. I want ‘FO-SHIZZLE’ to be used for all laser cannons. 😀

  3. Egw thelw na alaksw diatmwo kai na to diakosmiso moni m alla 9elw na ftiaksw i to 1o i to 2o nomizo afta ta dwmatia einai dimiourgies tis neoset! Alla den eimai sigouri an kseri kaneis poias eterias einai mpori na m pei plz?? nikoleta diatmwo p n exei sxesei me mousiki den exw dei parolo pou to epsaksa poli to 9ema diatmwo p n exei sxesi me spor omws exw brei an 9es s stelnw tin istoselida!!!!

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