9 thoughts on “0486 – Battle for Mushroom Castle Part 5

  1. Damn, I’m so far behind now. O: I remember long ago this was the top hottest webcomic in my bookmarks. It was sitting there. I use too comment on here alot telling you to update whenever you feel like it when everyone was bitching. XD Ahhhh the good times.

    Do they still bitch about it I wonder?

    But since I love you webcomic so much, I’m gonna go way back to page 1 and reread it all. (: It’s great that you stayed strong despite the annoying people.

    Once I get caught up I might comment often on the pages.

  2. what kind of stories do you want to right?

    1984 would be a good one, Hamlet is another, one I need to read is heart of darkness

  3. you sould read The Wrinkle In Time! It’s a great book and really good story. But you shouldn’t watch the movie, its so horrible I could never read the book again

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