0481 – Unfortunately, his idea of a good bachelor party is an Atari and a case of Mountain Dew.

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Not just a world-class time traveler, but his own godfather to boot.

Ok, First thing’s first. I’m terribly sorry for the unbelievable, nearly two-month delay in updating the comic. I’ll submit to my required flogging as soon as I finish posting this.

Second off, I’m sure you’d like an explanation for the delay. To be honest, laziness is a big factor, but there were some extenuating circumstances. First off, new a computer meant that I could finally play some of the great games I’ve seen, but couldn’t play before. So the first few weeks delay was the direct fault of Fallout 3. After that, I was battling a major cold which just sucked all my energy for about two weeks. Additionally, my fiancee recently started a new medicine and there was a 33% chance she could have died from the side effects after the first treatment, so that distracted me a bit too. To top that all off, I decided to repaint my kitchen as a birthday gift to my fiancee as well. So yeah, you can still blame laziness.

I’m really going to make try and a concerted effort to work on the comic more now that things have settled down a bit, but by now you don’t trust me so we’ll just see how things go.

Third, since my comic is so sporadic, I’ll think I should summarize what’s actually going on right now:


As of comic 481, the overall goal of the Heroes is to prevent Victor Damien from resurrecting Kefka by collecting the scattered pieces of the Hades Gate before he can.

There are several current concurrent story lines:

  1. Primary Group: Heroes Inc.

    Mario, Samus, Kirby, and DK of the original group, along with Robo-Peach, Bowser, Locke, and Strago, are engaged in a daring assault on the core of the Mushroom Kingdom (Currently being effectively ruled by King Dedede) in search of a gate piece believed to be in the castle of the Mushroom Kingdom. They are joined by Toad of the Spore Liberation Army who is attempting to ouster Dedede to reclaim the kingdom, and Meta Knight who is chasing down Dedede for his own reasons.

  2. Secondary Group: Former Heroes Inc.

    Link, Mega Man, and Chrono of the original group, along with Poo are hunting down Magus in order to find the Hades Blade. They have tracked him to the resurrected Blackbird airship and are currently in pursuit aboard a biplane borrowed from Pilotwings Flight School.

  3. Side Story: Luigi

    After leaving the group, Luigi has been taken on by the mysterious knight Castor who is training Luigi in the warrior ways of Bushido.

  4. Side Story: Princess

    The real Princess Peach Toadstool is being held captive by Victor Damien along with the princesses Zelda of Hyrule and Nadia (Marle) of Guardia. She is being treated very well, and is under the impression that it was Victor who rescued her from the ninjas. She may be exhibiting symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome…

  5. Side Story: Duplicate Chrono

    Thanks to a temporal paradox, Chrono was duplicated when leaving 1985, and his duplicate was arrested for stealing the gate piece stored in the royal treasury. As part of his punishment, he was conscripted into the Guardian army, wherein he has become friends with Caelus, the man this Chrono believes to be his father.


With the next comic (hopefully to be released next week), we’ll go back to the primary crew and finally see some action as they storm the castle.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


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  2. You have a fiancee? Congrats! ^_^

    Wait, 33% chance of dying? O_O What is she taking?
    I’m glad she’s ok and that you got over your cold.

    As for the comic: This is interesting. 🙂

  3. A COMIC HATH BEEN MADE, THE GREAT APCOLYPSE-*cough hack wheeze* gah, can’t keep the old man voice for more then 10-ish words…
    anywhoo,1. THANK YOU FOR THE STORY-STUFF, 2. you have a fiance? 3.as lilack says: Wait, 33% chance of dieing? O.O What is she taking?- more or less.
    Thats ’bout it.

  4. @Nokareon: Duplicate 1985 Chrono still believes Caelus is his father because Prime Chrono never found out until after he returned from 1895 (Comic 405, 411).

    @Lilack&pownzerx: She has a rare autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis, and her immunologist changed her treatment from a once-every-6-weeks dose of Methotrexate, to a once-every-6-months dose of Rituxan. According to the doctor there was about a 40% chance of severe side effects from the drug, and of those reactions, 80% of the time they’re fatal, so that works out to one-in-three chance of death. But so far she seems to be fine.

  5. Robert, I hope you and your future wife have a long, happy marriage. Don’t despair, even if things get rough down the road.

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