9 thoughts on “0471 – Flyby

  1. You ripped that Halberd model from Brawl.
    And the Mushroom Kingdom model from Super Mario RPG.

    Jokes aside, nice work.

  2. so boeing built that thing? well its big enough but they probably bribed Meta Knight for the contract

  3. Ah the Halberd. Meta Knight’s enormous d*** ship!

    Seriously, anyone else wondering what Meta Knight was thinking with that design? It’s disturbing. 0_0

  4. i have seen that original picture before of the 747 cockpit. really a great job getting it to fit in with the rest of the comic

  5. @Andrew

    I never saw it like that, but it does have a really weird design. I’m convinced that Meta was drunk when he built it. There’s no other explanation.

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