0469 – No way they’re getting in here.

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Would you be willing to make a $25 paypal donation in order to get a free limited edition print version of Heroes Inc.?
Yes, definitely! Let me go get my credit card!
Yes, definitely! Let me go get my mom’s credit card!
I’d love to, but I’m broke…
Meh, maybe.
Nah… I’ll just keep reading it online.
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In case you were wondering, the poll is for gathering some data to see if I should try to get a print edition made. It would be all self published and technically a “printed back-up hard copy edition”, meaning, I wouldn’t actually be selling the book or making money off it, and therefore less likely to be sued. It would be a free gift to my die hard readers who donate money to help cover my web hosting expenses. Let me know what you think, and I may look into it further.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


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