14 thoughts on “0466 – Deferred Judgement

  1. (Changed name from Tsa to Adam)
    I will agree that it is the most beautiful sprite comic out there
    But its kinda unfair copairson since there is only like maybe 20 left floating atm
    Also all of them use 8/16 bit backgrounds

  2. i wonder why sprite comics never seem to use 32 bit sprites? this one its fine because its and snes comic but i wonder about the others? anyway it looks great the backgrounds are awesome.

  3. oh also i couldn’t get on before and now its really slow so i don’t know if something is up

  4. Well, if you want an honest opinion.
    This is now, most likely the second most beautiful sprite comic out there.

    First among those that use game sprites, and not full scratch everything though.

  5. I’ve been saying for some time that Heroes Inc. has the best graphical work of all sprite comics I’ve ever seen. Since I first saw the first comic with 3-d renders in fact. Granted, this is the ONLY comic I know of which not only creates custom bg’s but creates 3d models for backgrounds, but just the fact that, AFAIK this is the only one speaks volumes.

    And the story is great too.

  6. Since you asked, I’d say its a comic called “A Path to Greater Good.”

    Stumbled upon the comic while lurking the forums of the spriters resource, they have a section devoted to the comic there.

    It’s actually found at http://neorice.com/

    Note: Your comic has its own balance, so I would keep up what you are doing rather than take too many tips from the one I just mentioned. The 3-D backgrounds with sprites gives Heroes inc its own proud personality, and nothing should change that. Keep up the good work.

  7. No, I agree. Heroes inc. is the most beautiful sprite comic on the internet.

    …Though my word doesn’t mean much since I’ve only ever read two other sprite comics.

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