0463 – No promises.

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Good night, all. The assault on the castle will begin immediately after we check in on Link.

Discussion starter: Anyone figure out who’s “wings” Link plans on borrowing? It will be revealed Thursday.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


15 thoughts on “0463 – No promises.

  1. This is just to let you know that in the RSS feed, your comic is showing up as a “Not HotLink” graphic. While entertaining, it is a bit frustrating.

  2. Fix’d. No images in the feed now.

    FYI: I disabled hotlinks and blind referers because I’ve been productive and pre-posted a few comics, and I don’t want nosy readers looking ahead.

  3. Dedede killed Kirby’s family? when? why? what?????

    surpsrie me???? sure Rob giveme your best shot… i believe in you.

  4. I’m with TheFaith on Dedede and Kirby. Really. What? And Meta giving Kirby orders? I want to know more.

    As for wings… I have to go with Windwakermaster7. Star Fox.

  5. Hm. Well its Most likely an SNES game. So…
    ! Meta Knight and the Halberd! It has to be! Convenient crosses are convenient.

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