0453 – Mobile Command

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Figured I’d post Monday’s comic a bit early since I gave you filler for Thanksgiving.

Special feature today: THE MAKING OF COMIC #0453:

Also, you can check it out here in HD.

Mission Reminder – Don’t forget to keep printing and posting this image:


15 thoughts on “0453 – Mobile Command

  1. I hope he’s talking about Mobius One! cool looking comic though I wonder what aircraft the Mushroom kingdom uses.

  2. It says only Chrono Lucca and Magus, but the top of Link’s hat and Mega’s head are cleary visible. xD for n00b comment

  3. @Lilack
    I’d say it’s Link who has a party of four. As for Epoch, wouldn’t it be possible for Lucca to install an extra seat?

  4. can’t chrono go to the end of time and leave one of them there? then the rest could learn magic from spekkio!

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