10 thoughts on “0442 – Aftermath

  1. @ TheFaith

    Actually, the guards are dead because Mario & Co. just tore through there. At this point, they’re probably blasting a hole through the wall to escape, while Meta Knight swoops in and saves Toad’s ass.

  2. Wow! All this Kirby stuff is happing at the same time…first there’s Meta Knight and now King Dedede is discoved to have put the bomb there. I thought Dr. Wily did. And this sure is epic and all but I hope we get to see what Link and his little team are doing, or Luigi and Castor…

  3. Also, the Cast page could seriously use an update with some of the new characters like Castor, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Toad (now that it is found out that he’s still alive) or even Chrono and Link’s little profiles saying that they’re Father and Son or something like that.

  4. @Windwakermaster7
    Well, so far these characters have just been introduced (except for Toad), so all we know about them can be said in one sentence. Let’s wait more and find more info about them before updateing the cast page.

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