0440 – Some kinda penguin?

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Alternate POV FTW. This flashback takes place sometime between comic 194 & 195.

I think this is the first comic that’s been all at one zoom level since somewhere in the prologue…

Anywho, another thing: HI-Wiki – The Official Heroes Inc. Encyclopedia is now up and in need of content. Anyone who wants to volunteer to write some articles about the comic, go on and do it! DO IT!


23 thoughts on “0440 – Some kinda penguin?

  1. @ Viper: No, Toad Town is like the big main city and capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is like the size of Chicago. The city the HQ is in is a smaller, as-of-yet unnamed city about the size of Dayton.

    I’ll make something up for a city name sooner or later.

  2. It’s y’all. As in you all, the apostrophe going where the “ou” goes.

    As a Texan I must see it spelled right, you see. ^_^

  3. DeDedDe? He’s smarter than I tought, why Viktor would employ that Penguin when there are much more threatening enemies aroud the world.

  4. It’s cheaper to buy-out stock villians then to pay big for the heavy-weights. That is why Ganondorf took hold of Bowser and the Koopa Forces during SSBB – the cheaper the payment and the larger the stock troops…the less your loyal guys have to die.

  5. It’s a good start, but you won’t mind if I tweak a few things, will you?

    First, I’d like to have the majority of the articles written from an in-world point of view.

    For example, “The Mushroom Kingdom is a Fictional county from the the Mario series of video games that serves as the setting for much of Heroes Inc.” should be “The Mushroom Kingdom is a country and sovereign state located (er, let me get you a map).”

    Also, Spell Check, Plz.

  6. ok thats good about the in world thing

    also i’ve been using an online word checker but it seems to have problems so i’ll use my other pc it was word.

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