0426 – This seems familiar.

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If we had indentured community service as a punishment for crimes, rather than just putting all the criminals in a big box together, we could get a lot of good free work, cut taxpayer costs, and cut the overcrowding in prisons.


16 thoughts on “0426 – This seems familiar.

  1. Did you studied in Harvard or something?
    I was right, but a qustion:
    Chrono said something about temporary clone, it means the clone is just temporary or he was made in due to the paradox(therefore the name temporary).

  2. @TheFaith

    Don’t feel much like searching through the archives, but I believe the term was “temporal” clone. I still don’t know what it means though, haha.

    And, my guess is that Chrono will excel in the Guardian Military, due to his natural skill and minimal training from Link. Perhaps getting really good at magic, earning the name “Castor”.

  3. I don’t think there’s a reference to it being a temporal clone, I remember one too though.

    Temporal would mean something to do with time, thus a clone created via time paradox…

  4. Temporal clones are always doomed
    But anywasys, this strengths my belief the Caster is Crono that got stuck in the past

  5. I don’t know if “Castor” has any relation to someone who casts magic, a “Caster”. According to the dictionary, “Castor” is “a reddish-brown oily substance secreted by beavers, used in medicine and perfumes”

  6. @Mr. Will

    I think the comic you’re looking for is this one:
    the third panel has what i believe what you’re looking for.
    (I’m so redundant, can’t think of a better way to say that)
    Irreconcilable paradox with result of a 2nd crono being temporally duplicated back on the Epoch

  7. @ptmc2112

    Thank you very much, that’s exactly the comic I was looking for 🙂 If that’s the case, then we need to remember that the Chrono we’re looking at in this comic is the “real” one and the Chrono with Link and Co. is the temporal clone, this leads to another point.

    “Temporal Clones are always doomed”

    If this is the case, then Chrono with the heroes has to die eventually, and I think it would be BEYOND badass to have a Chrono/Castor fight scene.

  8. In a lot of cases, indentured community service would help, especially in the long term like you’re proposing for Chrono there.

    However, many criminals simply aren’t going to be good at what they’re told to do – they might skip town, go get high before their service, etc. And military service for convicted criminals… Maybe for first-time slightly major offenders, like your situation above, but a lot of military personnel won’t want a rapist or psychopath working with them, and you’d start seeing a lot of unofficial death penalties. “Training accident.”


    lol.. this comic always gets more and more interesting, what’s next? =D

  10. Poor little Castor CHRONO UM I MEAN CHRONO has to spend 30 days in prison.

    Yeah I think this Chrono is Castor for the 3rd-4th time…

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