32 thoughts on “0408 – Filler: Market Research

  1. I really liked that older Returners one… Could it be possible to get that one for $15? xD Not sure if I’m serious about ordering yet, I’ve just been thinking how I really like the idea in that one… And importantly, if there’s international shipping, how much to Europe? (I don’t know if the email required is visible to you since I have no idea how this reply thing works, but if you want to answer me personally it’s minna_san@hotmail.com)

  2. Hey,

    I’m a girl and addicted to t-shirts! Games and bands shirts etc. But I want girl-sized shirts then, I’ve got xs.
    But I don’t want a boy-shirt like #2….

  3. Heh, I’d probably be interested in one or two Drunk chocobo t-shirts. But, same question here, how much would it cost me for it to be shipped to Europe ?

  4. I’d get the Bowser one. Because yes, it IS good. (no one I know would get the Samus one, humanoid Toad kinda creeps me out, and The luigi one is a little depressing)

  5. I would totally buy the Luigi one for my sister, who loooooves him.
    Any of the others would be good for the boyfriend…I’d pay $15 for them.

  6. I’d love the Bowser one, but unfortunately I’m broke. And I’ll be staying that way for the foreseeable future. D:

  7. I would TOTALLY buy all of these if I had the money for them. The Bowser and Samus ones are nothing short of genius, the Luigi one would sell very well amongst his cult followers, and EVERYONE loves the Mushroom Kingdom. Go for it, man!

  8. I really like the bowser one and would be willing to pay $15 of your fancy American dollars for it.

    The Samus and Toad ones, nice ideas and all, they just don’t really appeal to me.

    The Luigi one, I kinda like, and would consider buying, provided that I already had the bowser one that I really liked, and had another spare $15USD lying around.

    Of course, this is all assuming you can post them to Australia.

  9. I love the bowser one and i quite like the Toad one-but money flows through my fingertips like water.

    Anyway, they’d need to be shipped to the UK. DXD

  10. I’m a girl living in London, so it’d need to be in appropriate sizes [I’m an 8] and shipped to the UK. I’d buy no. 3 for $15 [not sure on exchange rate atm] but only if it were in a different colour.

  11. I agree with Kabutroid. Granted I have a small collection of nerdy shirts already (okay, just 4) but I’m sure I can make myself look good with that shirt as well. XL flavor, just to let you know.

    (Not saying I’m going to buy it NOW, but I would, if it can be sold at a reasonable price)

  12. …you know how nerdy wearing a T-shirt based off a webcomic would be? No offense to you, Robert, and I do like Heroes Inc., but wearing it in real life would be really ridiculous.

  13. @Nokareon : Yep, everyone here already knows that, but most of people who want to buy one simply don’t care about what “normal” people would think of them. As a matter of fact, I don’t.

    So, if the T-shirts look cool to me, why shouldn’t I take one (Actually, they’re waaaaaay cooler than those clone clothing everyone is wearing today, in my mind) ?

    And, looking at the comments, I think Robert will be able to sell some of these.

    Have a nice day, everyone !

  14. I agree with Rufy. The great thing about a fanbase is that it isn’t the mainstream. They will follow the comic and the ideas of the creature through Hell and back if they must. Therefore, buying a t-shirt isn’t “ridiculous” to them it is a sign of pride.

  15. …I guess that’s what separates the hardcore from the passer-by. I never could understand what would drive someone to wear a WoW or Naruto shirt or something of that vein.

  16. Indeed. It really depends on the media being displayed. I honestly think that more “retro” or “classic” media such as Mario, Link or Megaman have allot more pride then someone who walks around with some World of Warcraft character on them.

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