0372 – 3DS SNES Filler

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For some reason I had this 3DS file I made lying around for about 3 years and I never did anything with it. I think I was originally going to try to use it as the basis for a new HI web layout with the controller being the nav buttons. Anyway, I was lazy and couldn’t think of the next thing to do in the plot, so here’s some artistic filler.


2 thoughts on “0372 – 3DS SNES Filler

  1. I don’t get what this obsessions of yours is with having evey single comic being funny. You’ve taken a more serious tone, deal with it. There’s a real, though cliched and cheesey, story to tell and you better do it while you have your banner add running. I want three updates for at least the next two weeks or you’ve lost your number one fan!

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